Maryam Nazari

Multidisciplinary Artist, Performance Designer/Artist, Artistic Consultant, Curator


Maryam is a Persian performance artist/maker and multidisciplinary artist based in London. Born in Tehran/Iran 1990.

She has started to learn music from the age 8 and she attended Art and Architecture University and graduated with Bachelor in Music.

Then, she moved to London and graduated with an MA in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins /University of the Arts London. Maryam is doing her PhD at Brunel University London to complete her research and practice in performance art and multidisciplinary art.

She is the core member of Tse Tse Fly Middle East curatorial team- Tse Tse Fly Middle East is a registered Community Interest Company (based in London), a non-profit arts organisation and curatorial platform that draws attention to human rights, censorship and social issues via live events, workshops and interventions.-

She is also working as an artistic consultant. 
Her works are a combination of sonic culture and visual culture which she calls acoustic scenography or acoustic/sonic as scenography. As a part of her practice, she intends to transpose the ears and eyes. She tries to use the sound art/design or acoustic and sonic imagination as a concept not an object for the performance making. Maryam's areas of interest include social and political issues.

Her recent projects have included commissions from the Royal Albert Hall (London), Palais de Fetes (in Strasbourg), Tehran Museum of Contemporary arts and Tehran Music Museum.


Maryam says:

I was born into a country where things are complicated. For as long as I can remember we have had to lead two lives. One of them is our social life and the other is our personal life, or it is better to call it our private life. We cannot be the same person in society as we are in our homes. In particular, women who don’t believe in Islam or in wearing the Hijab have to wear the Hijab in public places in Iran. Drinking and selling alcoholic drinks is not permitted, but we do drink in our homes and in other private places. Any partners who don’t get married cannot officially stay in the same room in a hotel, but, as in other countries, many partners live together in their flats without officially getting married. We spend much time on the weekends in our private parties and private places, being ourselves and not the person the government wants us to be. All in all, with this level of complexity and paradox, it is not easy to be an uncomplicated person. And I do not want to use the word COMPLICATED as a compliment. 

This word made my life hard on many occasions. When you are a child, everything that you can see around you looks new. Now imagine a child who has to wear her scarf when she goes to school from age seven, and every week in religious studies classes the teacher tells her that the only way to be a good woman is to wear the Hijab and pray every day, and only then will you go to heaven. Too, if you don’t wear your Hijab and don’t pray, you will go straight to hell when you die. On the other hand, when that little girl returns home and tells this to her mother, her mother will say ‘your teacher is wrong, do not believe her, you will not go to hell’. Therefore, as a child, slowly you realise that there is a big difference between the inside and outside of your home, and you need to consider and understand this issue and the reasons for it. 

All in all, that situation makes me an artist who sometimes feels that I HAVE to think of the bigger issues and subjects and transfers them through my art.


2018-2022  PhD in Performance Art and Multidisciplinary Arts, Brunel University London


2015-2017  MA Performance Design and Practice, University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design


2009-2013  BA Music, Art and Architecture University, Tehran, Iran 

(Specialist the Tar and Tombak -Iranian traditional instruments )



-Selected Performances and Screening (Designer, Maker and Performer) 


2019  “This body is all bodies”, Solo Performance. Designer, Performer, Costume Designer, Composer and Sound- Designer. Yinka Shonibare’s Studio. London/ UK.


2019  “Men Do Not Nourish” from “The Art of Slaughter Series”, screened at The Museum of Human Achievement. Austin, Texas, US.


2018   Start to completing the project “Identifying of A Famous Group“ commissioned by Iran Music Museum. Tehran/ Iran.


2018 “Birth to Death” video performance screened at Harvesting Souls event, Braunschweig, Germany.


2018  “Birth to Death” video performance screened at Contemporary Venice- itsliquid international art show, Venice, Italy.


2017  “Rondo... Rondo... Rondo...”, Designer, Director, Performer, composer And 

Sound designer. Kings Cross Platform Theatre, London/ UK. 


2017  I have had the honour to commissioned and design the project “Under the counter”, which was selected to be a part of education and outreach presents at Royal Albert Hall. Designer, Performer, Composer and Sound designer. Royal Albert Hall. London/ UK. 


2017  I was invited by Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts to perform my Performance art piece “This body is all bodies”, Solo Performance. Designer, Performer, Costume Designer, Composer and Sound- Designer.Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. Tehran/ Iran. (This piece was invited to perform in CSM public degree show as well. June 2017) 


2016  The collaborative piece with a composer, the piece “49” intended to recreate a sense of  the Orlando shooting and impressed the audience indeed. Solo Performance Trinity Laban Conservator of Dance and Music. London 

2016  “Birth to Death”, video performance. Solo-live Performance Museum of the Future. London/ UK. 


2016  “CCTV”, Designer, Performer, Sound Designer. Palais des fetes. Strasbourg/ France.

2016  “Dream”, Designer and Performer. Inteatro ( Villa Nappi ), Polverigi/ Italy. 


2016  “Third of May 1808”, Designer, Performer and Composer. Solo Performance London Drama Centre, Central Saint Martins College of Art, London/ UK. 


2014/13  “Give Me Your Hands for Some Minutes”, “Identifying of a Famous 

Group” Solo Performance. Designer, Performer and Sound- Designer. It has been performed in Thirty Performance, Thirty  Artists, Thirty Days Festival. Tehran/ Iran. 


-Selected Artistic Consultation and Curator 

2018-Present   A Core member of curatorial team “Tse Tse Fly Middle Easter” Art Community and Company based in London.  London/ UK


2018   Artistic consultant. “Jerwood/ London Symphony Orchestra” project.  Consultant Composer Amir Konjani (The Oscar Winner 2018)/  Performativity Company. London/ UK


2018   Artistic consultant. “The UK Composition Gold Medal Competition”. Consultant Composer Amir Konjani (The Oscar Winner 2018). Manchester/UK



-Selected Workshops and Seminars participated 


2019  ‘The Comedy and the Classroom: You Must Be Joking?’ panel seminar, Brunel University.


2016   Workshop on ‘Site-specific performance’ 10 Days workshop with Gerry Pilgrim, Inteatro (Villa Nappi), Ploverigi and Ancona, Italy.


2015  Seminar on ‘Drama writing, Directing and Art education’. Jennifer Tucket and  

Tony Clraks, Nicholas Addison, Central Saint Martins College of Arts.     


2015  Workshops on ‘Performance art, Choreography, Design, Directing’ A day workshop with Hilary Westlake, Simon Vincenzi, Julia Bardsley, Nitin Sawhney, Central Saint Martins college of Arts.



-Collaboration as a Musician, Sound Designer and Performer


2018-16 “I had to trust my fall” video art by Rojin Shafei. Composer and Sound designer. Montreal, Canada.


-“Plastic Life”, “In Out and Around”. Composer, Sound- Designer and Performer. London/UK

-Film “Candy”, directed by Chensy Guan. Composer and sound- designer, Screened in London Short Film Festival and London Fashion Film Festival. London / UK. 



-Talks and Presentations

2019  “3 Minutes Presentation”, Finalist for the 3MT international competition to present a compelling oration on PhD and MPhil students’ 80000 words thesis & topic and its significance in just three minutes. Brunel University. London, UK.


2019 “The Art of Erosion”, Talk about the Modern Art, Performance and Performance Art for the MA Theatre Students. Tehran Tarbiat Modares University. Tehran, Iran.


2017  “Aesthetic of Disinterest (This Body Is All Bodies) ”I was invited for a talk about my practice and pieces. Stroud Art space. Gloucestershire/ UK.



-Artist Residency


2019 “Guest Project”, Yinka Shonibare’s Studio. London, UK.


2018 “Watermill Centre’s International Summer Program” short listed Artist.  NewYork,US.


2017 “Inteatro, Villa Nappi”. Polverigi, Italy.


2016 “Palais des Fêtes de Strasbourg”. Strasbourg, France.


2016 “Inteatro, Villa Nappi”. Polverigi, Italy.